poorbutsexy EP

by Poor But Sexy

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released February 22, 2009

Drums, guitar, vocals and words - David Brown, Guitars - Jason Caddell, Keyboards - David Durst, Bass - Brandon Kalber - Drumming inspiration by Bruce Falconer. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Caddell. Basic tracking at Inner Ear, Arlington, VA.



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Track Name: The Only Good Thing (About Saying Goodbye)
Girl when you go
You know I feel so alone
And when you leave
You know it causes me grief
And when you say good bye,
There's just one thing
To ease my mind

Turn around
Walk away and let me
See your back,
Turn around and let me
See you

Turn around
Walk away and let me
Feel your back,
Turn around and let me
See you, feel you

Turn around
Walk away and keep it
Coming back
Turn around and let me
See you, feel you, need you

So walk away
And show me just what I'll miss
And in my grief
I'll see you in profile and relief
Girl, what you take away
Could never fill the gap you leave

Girl, when it comes to pass
You know I've got your back, I mean it

Girl, you've got me down on my knees
My head bowed down, just praying for peace

With a taste of what's not coming back
Like a river through my mind


Girl when you go, you take something that was not mine to keep
So walk away and leave me with this picture in relief
In my mind's eye, I'll always see you walking away from me
Track Name: Breathe Deep
When I got to Prenzlauer Berg
There was still coal in the air
I hadn't read a book in several months
I hadn't held a job since I was seventeen

Elbows on the table
We drank some beers
Our throats were moist
But our minds were parched

This must be remedied

There was not much to talk about
There was not much to say
So we went out side and walked around
With the word on our lips

To wade in the shallow waters
Boy you've got to breathe deep
If you want to climb to heaven
Boy just let the tea steep

Oh it's a bitter weed
But, oh, it was good to me
As the water gurgled my spirits bubbled
And the ceiling became the sky

I've got a great idea
Why don't you come a little bit nearer to me
Be my anchor
Or just sink my ship
You know I've been far too long adrift
You be the weight
Now just hand me the tether
We'll reach the bottom together

Come on just
Drag me down
O honey please why don't you
Drag me down
Why won't you take me there
O honey, please
Come on just
Get me high
Track Name: You Don't Have to Ask Me Twice
On the road in '68
We kept it tricky to win it
I met some hippie girl on Haight
She said that she liked my pinstripes
Tugging at my stray lapels, she said,

"Honey, I like your style.
I swing left and you swing right
You could lean on me tonight
If you stand on my other side."

You don't have to ask me twice!

Back on Massachusetts time
Since about 1985
Swinging hard on the back nine
For what felt like a lifetime

I said,

"Son you always pay for love.
So go and get it before it dries up
Pick that flower and fill your cup
Or you'll be tugging your nethers
Until they turn in to leather."

When I blow up, you know I'm down.
Like when your boyfriend's not around
I know Jesus wouldn't mind
So baby go on and drop that dime.
I let it ring just one more time
Like I was on the other line

Baby put your hand in mine
Just forget your convictions
Come on let's make a connection

Once is for the golden rule
Twice is just so you can play the fool
I'm going to take you right on back to school
And teach you a thing or two

About love
About crime
About style
About rhyme
About the devil
About pie
About my garden
About forks and knives
About love
About crime
About keeping it
Keeping it under control

(I want to live in the light of your smile
Where saltwater freezes it's so goddamn cold
And breathing the air keeps me from getting old
How did I live without you so long?)
Track Name: Strong Pants
A Summer is a long long time
To hang your self out on the line, I guess
But I was ready
Ready since you told me that we'd set adrift
On a house boat made of gingerbread
I said, let's sail away now
On that sea of chocolate milk

I didn't know that you wanted to fight
What you say to me, what you do to me
The way you make me feel
That's not right

I should have known...

Sometimes I feel like I'm breaking
Sometimes I feel like I'm breaking through
Sometimes I feel my hand shaking
Sometimes I feel just like breaking you

Fuck four on the floor
I want it heavy on the one
Make it feel like a ton when it drops
Out on the dance floor

Just a little bit more...

Let's make 'em sweat
Let's make 'em groove
Let's forget that shit on the Internet

I said...
We'll make you feel alright

I didn't know that you wanted to fight

When the kick drops in and the snare pops out
In the dark
You can feel the light

I should have known...

Have you ever seen the air that we breathe?
It gets so cold it's like a fog between us
Do you feel the ice beneath your feet?
It's getting weak
I think we'll taste that gingerbread tonight.

I'm going to put on my strong pants
I'm going to put on my brave hat
I'm going to put on my clever shoes
And my irie shirt
And a tie that says, "I never lose"

I'm stepping to you
I'm not giving it up

Everything I do
I do it for love